Introduction of Minning

A mining pool is a smart contract interaction interface where users can pledge a class of assets to obtain the generated Tokens.

At present, there are generally two types of mining pools: a single pool, which means that you can get Token by pledging one coin, and an LP(Double) pool, which means that you need to provide liquidity of two coins to get Token.

LP pools are also called double pools, and the coins collateralized by the double pool are a liquidity trading pair, which is obtained by the user by forming liquidity at DEX. If the liquidity pair formed has HGT, it is providing liquidity for HGT, so LP pool mining is also called liquidity bonus. If the liquidity pair formed does not have HGT, it is also a case of getting coins for free.

For the development of the project, such pools that get coins for free are generally cooperative resource swaps, or like DEX, such pools are also needed for business development because of the need for stable coin trading pairs or mainstream trading pairs, but inevitably there will be some bad effects. It is the large number of low-cost or even no-cost Tokens being distributed to people involved in mining in these pools.

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