Create subgraph

After entering the console, you can see the list of added sub-graphs or add new project

HyperGraph currently supports sub-graphs of Huobi Eco-Chain and Binance Smart Chain. You can select the public chain in the upper left corner to filter the sub-graphs.


Click the "Add" button in the upper right corner to enter the form for adding sub-graphs, and fill the form as required:

Other places are more straightforward and clear. Here is a more detailed explanation of the two places.

The first is the choice of the public chain. Please be sure to choose the correct public chain, otherwise it will be deployed to the wrong node network. On the one hand, there is no result data, which is a great waste of resources.

Currently, Huobi Eco-Chain and Binance Smart Chain’s sub-graph deployment have been supported, and more EVM-based public chains will be supported in the future.

The second is the deployment method. In order to facilitate users to use it directly or worry-free, the HyperGraph node currently supports three deployment methods, archive deployment, Github deployment, and API deployment. The default is API deployment.

1.Archive deployment

Remove the node_modules of sub-graph project that needs to be deployed , compressed into a zip or tar.gz format and uploaded, the backend will decompress the compressed package, verify and deploy.

This method is suitable for projects that do not need to be changed and can be deployed directly, especially for projects that have been successfully run after self-built nodes have only been migrated to HyperGraph. This method is not suitable for projects that require frequent changes.

2.Github deployment

After removing the node_modules and so on, submit the subgraph project that needs to be deployed to a publicly accessible git hosting service. It is recommended to use github. After the submission is completed, the backend will deploy, verify and deploy the subgraph code according to the submitted Github URL.

Note that the submitted URL must end with .git

This way is suitable for projects that need to make code changes and subsequent updates. However, if you cannot update Github independently, you can update the subgraph. You need to contact HyperGraph technical support to update the deployment subgraph.

3.API deployment

API deployment is the most flexible. Developers can develop and deploy subgraphs locally to remote HyperGraph nodes, and access their own authorized subgraphs through AuthToken authorization. Can be deployed at any time to take effect. If it is in the frequent development stage, this way is recommended.

For proper docking and follow-up technical support, please add the sub-pictures, especially the first and second deployment methods, please contact the technical support customer service, WeChat: camewiththewind

one account can deploy multiple subgraphs in multi-chain and single-chain.

Here we demonstrate the addition of sub-graph of Huobi Eco Chain and Binance Smart Chain respectively

Add a sub-graph of the Huobi Eco Chain

Add a sub-graph of Binance Smart Chain:

After adding, it will be displayed in the list, you can click on the public chain to switch

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