Mainstream assets liquidity provision

In order to allow users to actively participate in the construction of mainstream cross-chain depth, HyperBridge provides liquidity rewards. For every mainstream cross-chain, five thousandths need to be used as a handling fee, four thousandths of which are provided to liquidity providers, and one thousandth of the platform is used to repurchase HGT and burn it.

Let's introduce the operations related to liquidity. The first is to add liquidity and deposit USDT in the current chain as liquidity.

For example, the current chain is the Heco chain. After you deposit liquidity, others enter the Heco chain from other chains, and the liquidity provider can share the proceeds for every amount of USDT withdrawn.

Here is an example. For example, the Heco cross-chain liquidity pool has a total of 10,000 USDT, and the retention provided by A accounts for 3,000 USDT, which accounts for 30% of the pool. Some users cross-chain from BSC to Heco, and cross-chain 1000 USDT. Users can receive 995 USDT on Heco. 1USDT in 5USDT is collected by the platform, 4USDT is shared with retention providers, and A can allocate 30% of it, which is 1.2USDT.

There is no difference between adding liquidity and general mortgage deposits. There is not much demonstration here, but I will focus on the operation of "My Liquidity".

On my liquidity interface, I can see a lot of information, including:

1.The current user's liquidity balance in the current chain.

2. Current user's current chain liquidity income

3. The available quota is the available quota of the target chain

4. Withdrawing income is to withdraw the income to the account

5. To reduce liquidity is to reduce liquidity. For example, in this example, it can be reduced from 500 USDT to 400 USDT.

It is worth mentioning here that HyperBridge supports extracting its own liquidity from multiple chains.

For example, if you deposit 500USDT of liquidity on the BSC public chain, you can initiate a reduction of liquidity on the BSC public chain, and the target chain can choose multiple other chains until you remove all of your liquidity.

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