Cross-chain purchase of Gas

Purchasing Gas is one of the important functions of this cross-chain bridge upgrade. You can buy Gas directly through the cross-chain bridge and cross-chain, of course, you can also buy the current main chain Gas.

Let's demonstrate the purchase of Gas on the target chain.

We are currently on the Heco network and we want to buy Gas for the current account on OKExChain.

Enter 20 and click buy.

Enter the authorization interface

If the authorization is successful, the transaction can be submitted.

After submitting the completed transaction and entering the record page, you can track the entire process:

There are three states:

1. To be processed, that is, the gateway has scanned the cross-chain record and is waiting to be processed.

2. In processing, it means that it is checking and transferring.

3. Completed, it means that the gateway has scanned a successful record. Give a show.

Please check the purchase record directly on the block explorer of the corresponding chain.

This is the situation where the target chain is different from the current chain. The target chain is the same as the current chain, and the operation process is the same. Gas purchase can also be realized, which is equivalent to a simple exchange operation.

There are two points worth mentioning:

All exchange operations are purchased in real time through the routing of the decentralized exchange, and HyperBridge itself does not maintain transaction liquidity.

A cross-chain handling fee is required, such as 20 USDT. In fact, the USDT used to purchase Gas is only 19.9 USDT, and 0.1 USDT is used as a cross-chain handling fee. As shown below:

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