Mainstream assets cross-chain

In order to facilitate users to circulate between multiple chains, HyperBridge cross-chain bridge version 2.0 supports mainstream assets cross-chain, users can cross-chain USDT to other public chains, and also supports users to deposit USDT on the cross-chain bridge to provide liquidity. In order to earn cross-chain fees, the liquidity deposited by users can also be withdrawn on multiple chains.

Mainstream asset cross-chain and Token cross-chain have the same interface. When cross-chain, the asset can choose USDT.

In the input box below, select the number of cross-chains, we can see that the current account balance is 188.93981 USDT, and the liquidity limit of the target chain is 450.1797 USDT. At present, I can only enter 188.93981 at most. If the current account balance has 1000 USDT, it can only cross 450.1797 USDT at most. We enter 20 here and click Next to start cross-chain.

According to the interface prompt, the actual receipt is 19.9 USDT, because there is a five-thousandth cross-chain fee, 80% of which is awarded to the liquidity provider.

Gas handling fee of 0.2HOO.

Confirm that the message is correct, click Transfer, first authorize the contract to spend USDT, and then a second confirmation pops up.

Authorization is required for the first time.

After a while, the gateway starts to work, and we can see the cross-chain records displayed.

While processing, the status will also change:

It will show how many nodes are processing cross-chain.

Then the cross-chain is successful, and you will see the successful record:

By checking the hash, you can see the process of processing on the chain, and the target address successfully received 19.9USDT.

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