Token cross-chain

Token cross-chain

Choose the source chain to be cross-chain. For example, if you want to cross-chain from BSC to Heco, choose the wallet of BSC chain and enter the cross-chain DApp.

Get the following picture:

Choose the assets to be cross-chain, choose the source chain and the target chain.

The receiving address is the current wallet address by default, because as an on-chain wallet, the private key of different EVM public chains is the same. Therefore, if the receiving address is unchanged by default, it can be crossed to the same address on the target chain. If it can be changed to another address, it is equivalent to a cross-chain transfer.

Enter the quantity and go to the next step:

On this page, it is equivalent to prompting the operation information for the user to confirm. Since the cross-chain involves operations such as transfers on the gateway, a certain handling fee is charged.

Confirm that it is correct, click Transfer, and the transaction confirmation pops up in the wallet. After confirmation, enter the transaction record page. Wait for the confirmation on the chain to be successful. After a few seconds, the inter-chain gateway will scan the record on the chain and display it in the record list as waiting to be processed. There will be competition between gateway nodes, and one of the nodes will start processing. During the processing, you can see the on-chain operations of the source chain. You can view the processing of the source chain smart contract on the blockchain browser by "checking the hash" condition. In the process of processing, the operation of the target chain has not been completed, so it needs to wait.

After the gateway processing is completed and the transfer record is scanned, it will update the cross-chain record and change the status to completed. At the same time, the transaction hash related to the target chain contract has also been obtained, and you can click to view it. This completes the entire cross-chain process.

According to the processing of this chain, the whole process from BSC to Heco will not exceed 20 S.

Project Token cross-chain

The project party can submit the Token information that can provide liquidity through the form, and the HyperBridge cross-chain bridge will add the whitelist to the asset list to achieve cross-chain. The application entrance is in the upper right corner of the cross-chain homepage, as shown in the figure below:

After being approved and configured, the submitted project address is considered to be the address of the project administrator and can maintain project liquidity by itself. After logging in to the cross-chain bridge with the project administrator's address wallet, you can see the administrator deposit and withdrawal buttons. Note that the project administrator is only the concept of Token's role in maintaining liquidity, and cannot manage the Token assets of anyone other than their own account.

Realize the provision of project asset liquidity, and at the same time, it can also extract corresponding assets from a single chain or multiple chains.

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