Network Role

Network role

The HyperGraph developer team provides basic tools and products for network construction. The network ecology has different roles according to different participants. The five roles are explained below.

A. Core developers

Core developers are responsible for the development and maintenance of basic software, guidance on node construction standards, and suggestions for performance optimization. At the same time, it is also responsible for coordinating HyperGraph community governance and the construction of some public resources, and providing them to the community for free.

B. Index node

The HyperGraph data network is connected by a series of index nodes. Index nodes pledge HyperGraph tokens (HGT) to provide indexing and query services, and pledge at least 100K HGT tokens to become index nodes. The income of index nodes includes query fees and service index rewards. At the same time, you can also share the rewards of the node reward pool.

The index node mortgage plays a role in monitoring the node. The node must correctly index the data and provide the reliability of the service. The HGT of the node is not only from the node operator, but also from the mortgage of the coin holder.

The node selection subgraph is defined to index the data, and the developer evaluates the quality of the index node and selects a better quality node. The user can also specify which node will handle the query and supply costs.

C. Application developers

Developers refer to individuals or teams who develop subgraphs and corresponding processing procedures based on requirements. Developers meet the data query requirements of the application, do certain development, submit the developed subgraph to the index node, complete the data index, query and display it on the user interface. In addition to deploying subgraphs by staking HGT, developers can also pledge HGT to mark the quality of subgraphs to obtain index priority. At the same time, developers can also evaluate nodes and subgraphs based on their own professional experience and the experience of ordinary users.

D. Miners

Miners refer to HGT holders, because index nodes need HGT mortgages to open nodes. In addition to the initial 100K, miners can participate in the mortgage of their HGT quota to the index node to increase the index node’s competitive advantage and share the income of the index node.

E. Data users

The existence and value of the entire network is realized because it can generate value for the end user. DApp projects or individuals can use HGT payment to query data in the index network to complete their own needs, and even connect to APIs and develop special statistics and other display interfaces.

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